Have a question about Rewards Now? You're in the right place.

What is Rewards Now?

Rewards Now is a loyalty program that Rewards customers with Stars for in-store purchases. These Stars can be redeemed for Unlimited Rewards!

Why did you change Rewards Now?

Our customers wanted to earn more Rewards for the items they purchase and earn them faster! Now customers can earn Stars on almost any purchase* made in-store.

What happened to the Rewards I earned before the update?

All fuel discounts and free items were loaded onto your new account. Any credits towards the .03¢ were converted to Stars to be redeem for Rewards.

How do I join Rewards Now?

Download our mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Or register online.

Do I have to register?

Yes. Registering your Rewards Now account allows you to view your account activity and redeem Rewards.

How much does it cost?


Who can join?

Anyone 13 years or older.

Is an email address required?

Yes, an email address is required for registration.

How do I redeem my Stars for Rewards?

Once you have redeemed a Reward you have 30 days to claim the Reward unless otherwise noted.


  • Log in to your account and click the button that says “Rewards Now.”
  • Select the Reward you want to redeem.
  • Rewards will expire in 30 days.

In the App:

  • Log in to your Rewards Now App.
  • Tap “Rewards Now.”
  • Select the Reward you want to redeem.
  • Confirm by tapping “Yes”.
  • Rewards will expire in 30 days.


Select the Reward item redeemed online or through the App and proceed to the register the same as you would with a normal purchase. The Sales Associate will scan the item and ask for you to scan your App or enter the phone number you registered with Rewards Now.

How can I see what’s on my account?

In The App:

Tap “My Account”


Log into your account.

What Rewards do I get?

You can redeem Rewards for free items in-store and fuel discounts. Rewards start at 250 Stars.

When will I receive my Stars?

Stars are added to your account at the conclusion of your purchase transaction.

How many Stars do I get?

You will earn (12) Stars for each dollar you spend on in-store purchases.* Scan your Rewards Now App or enter the phone number you registered with when the sales associate asks during your purchase.

Can I stack Rewards?

Yes, rewards are stackable!

Is there anything I won’t earn Stars on?

*Stars are not earned on sales tax, fuel, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tobacco, lottery, money orders, financial cards, or gift card purchases.

Do Stars expire?

Yes, after 6 months from the earn date. Use them before they expire!

Can I get free gas?

No. The lowest amount you can pay for a gallon of gas is .01¢.

Is there a gallon limit with my fuel Rewards?

Yes, you can save on up to 30 gallons.

Can I earn stars if I forget to scan my app or enter my phone number on my last purchase?

We cannot credit transactions after a purchase has been made.